Triumph turns to despair as Audi Cup winners Spurs have to dust out trophy cabinet

The preseason trophy is Spurs’ first in over a decade.

Despite recently overcoming a long trophy drought, Tottenham Hotspur has now set their sights on the next major challenge: clearing out dust from their trophy cabinet.

With this new obstacle now on the horizon, club officials and fans have expressed different views on how to handle the problem:

“The Audi Cup is by no means a major honour. I say we save the hassle of getting out all that dust and putting the trophy elsewhere” said one man.

“This is our first trophy in God-knows how long and, to be honest, we need something to show for how good this team has been in recent years. I say we put it in there” said another official.

“We should invest in a cabinet to prepare for the trophies I know we’ll win in the near future” suggested an optimistic fan.

“But knowing the board, I doubt we’ll see spending of any kind any time soon”.