Time machine inventor travels back 7 years to play FIFA 12 again as a 13-year-old

The young inventor has revealed the motivation behind his groundbreaking invention.

Nick Clarke, the 20-year-old inventor of the time machine, has revealed that the primary motivation behind the invention was to go back to being a 13-year-old and play FIFA 12 again.

The computer programmer from Essex shocked the world last week when he announced what was once thought impossible – the creation of a machine capable of time travel.

But despite his out-of-this-world achievement, Clarke gave a down-to-earth exclusive interview with OTT on why he hoped to accomplish his remarkable feat.

“Imagine the year is 2012. You’ve just come home from school, booted up the telly and your Playstation with not a worry in the world. All you want to do is start playing Career Mode”

“You check your monthly scouting report and get excited at a youth player with ‘Potential to Be Special’, all the while preparing for a Champions Cup Semi-Final with the Captain Cutz Remix of Colours by Grouplove playing in the background”

“In that moment you were in complete bliss, and that is something I haven’t felt for a while now. I desperately wanted to go back to that”

Clarke invited our young OTT reporters to try out the time machine and play a game of FIFA 12. The reporters are yet to return, presumably because they don’t ever want to come back again.

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